The Best of the Draft

The NBA Draft is almost nearing and several top players in basketball have become household names at major basketball programs in college. The most valuable player of NBA of 2013-14 was Kevin Durant, who came through the Draft system playing for Texas.

As far as James Harden is concerned, he broke out as an offensive player at Arizona State. The national championship was won by Anthony Davis at Kentucky.

When compared to these players, others relatively played least known programs. Stephen Curry has played at Davidson and Klay Thompson had played at Washington. It is not only fun but nostalgic too as it gives the idea to figure out which conferences and schools produce the greatest NBA players.

The top 25 rankings for the upcoming season for college basketball have been updated and it’s the right time to get well versed about some of its team. Whilst there are obviously the physical factors in basketball, a lot of what teams will be looking for are about the mental state of the players, and their attitude to the game.

The current roster of Duke Blue Devils might include more than just one potential star of NBA. However, Harry Giles will definitely be the one to lead if his health permits him to do so. There is no denying that Giles has been the famous player and has also been the number one player for ESPN 100 in 2016 even after hurting his right knee.

Josh Hart from Villanova Wildcats indeed waited till the last day before he made an announcement of his decision to come back to the national champion. The decision would be welcomed by hosannas and the leading scorer of Wildcats gains maximum touches as the Ryan Arcidaicono has been graduated. There can be a wide range of players that can be picked from this particular roster.

However, Fox is special player who has matured as an all star of NBA. The player has been compared with John Wall as you can see how good a player he is. These are some of the teams of NBA with brighter future ahead.