Clippers Pass on Raduljica & Delfino

The LA Clippers have reportedly waived Miroslav Raduljica and Carlos Delfino in exchange of small forward Dudley (Jared).

The trading was primarily taken as quite a questionable step by the team, in spite of the very fact that Dudley had quite a down session in his sole year with clippers. The waiver of Delfino has raised questions since Car.los missed the last season given foot injury.

The 32 year old has got a decent career average for small forwards with his 8.1 points each match, 1.7 assists, 3.6 rebounds & 36.5% shooting right from beyond-the-arc. But these stats are hardly idea for Clippers as the team is considered as one among the 5 best NBA teams . it’s especially true when one considers ambiguous nature of Carlos’ injury & that whether he would actually be capable of playing the upcoming season.

Besides, while Miroslav has the potential of being a good backup center yet he hardly seems like such a player who will warrant surrendering for first-round pick.

Now, the question comes that why did Clippers come up with such a deal.

Well, Clippers were actually hard-capped while foraying into this season. The hard-capping situation comes when a squad uses more than 3.28 mn USD of Mid-Level Exception, gets player through trade & sign and cashes on in any 2.08 million USD Bi-Annual Exception. Clippers went hard-capped while they utilized their Bi-Annual Exception for signing in Jordan Farmar.

Before trading Jared, the team had a slight chance to enhance the roster but with the trading of Raduljica & Delfino, the squad were capable of exchanging the 4,250,000 USD guaranteed to Jared this season & next for Carlos’ 3,250,000 USD annual salary that is unguaranteed the next season as well as Miroslav’s 1,500,000 USD this season & 1,567,500 USD (also unguaranteed) next season.

The trade enabled the squad to use CBA’s “stretch” facility on Raduljica & Delfino.