DeKalb women taking fitness classes for self-defence

Before Kim Rodr-Luzzi started taking kickboxing lessons, she had to walk with keys between the knuckles for self-defense.
But now the DeKalb teacher need not use the keys as weapons any more- rather she is more comfortable to channelize her hooks, jabs, uppercuts & even roundhouse kick moves to keep the would-be attackers at bay. The lady feels that her kickboxing lessons have made her more confident & guarded.

“There are many things which I am able to do now, such as hanging upside down right from punching bag & sit-ups “, noted Rodr-Luzzi. “My body now has changed a lot.”

Kim takes her kickboxing classes from Lincoln Highway based United Elite Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness, and also runs a football blog.

Kim is not alone here and a great lot of women across DeKalb are increasingly taking to fitness sessions to empower their self-defense aspirations. Though some among the students were primarily interested in exercise yet not they are eager to learn more on the moves to safeguard themselves.

At the United Elite, around 35 women take to kickboxing lessons, said Erick Villamar, the owner of United Elite. The figure is substantially higher in comparison to 3-5 women who applied for the session 3 years back when the MMA unit first opened.

Kickboxing lessons assist women to enhance their fitness & defensive skills, such as how to block punches, throw punches & how to guard oneself while under attack.
“If you are already in proper shape, it would help to make you more powerful & stronger”, stressed Villamar. “Also for self-defense aspect, a lot of female students who’ve been training here can slip out, punch you 2-3 times before one can just react.”

Interestingly, Kim had her chances to display her self-defense skills while students in her school broke into a bad fight.