Former NBA player caught by police for attempted broad daylight robbery

A Former NBA player has been caught for an attempted armed loot as his neighbors saw him and one of his friends with masks o their faces trying to break into a home in rural Washington State in broad daylight.

Well the former player is Robert Swift. This is the newest trouble for the 29 year old who blew his National Basketball Association US$ 20million earns and he was evicted in 2013 from his Seattle home .

During the time of his arrest, the former player was a runaway from law, wanted as he failed to show up at the court to reply the allegations of possession of a shotgun from November. On Tuesday, Swift as well as his 28 year old friend Carlos Abraham Anderson were snapped near Gold Bar in Washington, as the duo were attempting to break into a home there, said police to a local news channel.

His neighbors saw the him and his friend and then called the police. An insider told that Robert Swift was very heavily armed and one of them had a baseball bat with him. Swift reported told the sheriff's deputies that he was quite high on drugs during the act. Charges for the incident have not yet been filed. However, both men were earlier held by the police. Just two months ago, Swift was caught by the police as they raided the home where he was staying with the man who he told was his drug (heroin) dealer.

The police caught a huge cache of weapons that includes a sawed-off gun that is not allowed to keep without special permits. The police also meth, heroin as well as several prostitutes at the home.