The Best of the Draft

The NBA Draft is almost nearing and several top players in basketball have become household names at major basketball programs in college. The most valuable player of NBA of 2013-14 was Kevin Durant, who came through the Draft system playing for Texas.

As far as James Harden is concerned, he broke out as an offensive player at Arizona State. The national championship was won by Anthony Davis at Kentucky.

Bryant Determined To Get Form Back

“You could always simply be average & do normal. But I am not here to so what is normal. It is a decision that you need to make in case you have to accomplish something which is significant & carries serious impact”, Kobe Bryant.

That’s what this famous Basketball star declared in his recent documentary, entitled as “Kobe Bryant’s Muse”. The documentary trailer displays Kobe taking gruelling workout which clearly shows his strong determination to get back to his previous glorious form in NBA 2014-15 season.

Clippers Pass on Raduljica & Delfino

The LA Clippers have reportedly waived Miroslav Raduljica and Carlos Delfino in exchange of small forward Dudley (Jared).

The trading was primarily taken as quite a questionable step by the team, in spite of the very fact that Dudley had quite a down session in his sole year with clippers. The waiver of Delfino has raised questions since Car.los missed the last season given foot injury.

Rose Feeling Good

Derrick Rose unknowingly reached to a milestone last Sunday as he came down off bench in otherwise forgettable 1st half of USA Team against Turkey.

His foray into the match marked the 1st time this star from Chicago Bulls played in 2nd half of back-to-back game set since 22nd November when his unfortunate appearance that night in Portland came to sudden halt with Derrick down with 2nd knee injury of his brief NBA career.

Petteri Koponen Confident About NBA Debut

Petteri Koponen, the point guard from Finland is positive to play in NBA next season. Addressing the media recently, Koponen stressed that he is looking forward to jump to NBA post the completion of his last season with Russia’s BC Khimki.

“I always had this dream to play at NBA”, stated Koponen. “Each summer we have a little talk with Dallas. We look to check out the situation & what they feel. I have got one year left to complete my contract here in Russia & then obviously I would prefer to join NBA. I am hopeful to some goo options to move there & show that I can perform at that elite level.”

Former NBA player caught by police for attempted broad daylight robbery

A Former NBA player has been caught for an attempted armed loot as his neighbors saw him and one of his friends with masks o their faces trying to break into a home in rural Washington State in broad daylight.

Well the former player is Robert Swift. This is the newest trouble for the 29 year old who blew his National Basketball Association US$ 20million earns and he was evicted in 2013 from his Seattle home .

DeKalb women taking fitness classes for self-defence

Before Kim Rodr-Luzzi started taking kickboxing lessons, she had to walk with keys between the knuckles for self-defense.
But now the DeKalb teacher need not use the keys as weapons any more- rather she is more comfortable to channelize her hooks, jabs, uppercuts & even roundhouse kick moves to keep the would-be attackers at bay. The lady feels that her kickboxing lessons have made her more confident & guarded.

“There are many things which I am able to do now, such as hanging upside down right from punching bag & sit-ups “, noted Rodr-Luzzi. “My body now has changed a lot.”