Petteri Koponen Confident About NBA Debut

Petteri Koponen, the point guard from Finland is positive to play in NBA next season. Addressing the media recently, Koponen stressed that he is looking forward to jump to NBA post the completion of his last season with Russia’s BC Khimki.

“I always had this dream to play at NBA”, stated Koponen. “Each summer we have a little talk with Dallas. We look to check out the situation & what they feel. I have got one year left to complete my contract here in Russia & then obviously I would prefer to join NBA. I am hopeful to some goo options to move there & show that I can perform at that elite level.”

Mavericks acquired Petteri’s NBA Rights 3 years back in the year 2011 in draft-night trade agreement with Portland. Petteri was picked by Philadelphia with the final pick of 1st round in the year 2007, having participated in Nike summit that very year against one future MVP Derrick Rose.

Since then, this 6 ft 5” Finn has played as a professional player in Russia and Italy that helped him to enhance himself as a seasoned combo guard with superb athleticism. At 26, he looks physically all-fit to join the NBA roster.

I think I am able to come up with something here”, stated Koponen. “and I am hopeful to get the very chance someday.”

According to sources, Mavericks haven’t crossed the idea of importing Petteri themselves sometimes in future yet there wasn’t any discussion on that for the present season with 4 point guards already selected for the roster. Gel mekel and Devin Harris are returnees while Raymond Felton & Jameer Nelson are newcomers. There is also the chance that Mavs might use Petteri’s NBA basketball rights as some great trade asset as the Finn’s stature continues to heighten.