Willie Green has been the favourite of many old fans, but it seems that Williams will be the new Green. Williams provides the Sixers with instant offense off the bench. He led the Sixers in fourth-quarter scoring (4.3 points) this season, in addition to having a team-best 10 double-digit final periods and leading all NBA reserves with 356 free throw attempts. He can create his own shot, as he did with the game-winning 3-pointer in the Game 4 victory over the Heat, which makes him a viable option at the end of games.

Williams' detractors say he shoots too much and from too far out, doesn't defend (he had less than half the steals in 2010-11 than the season before), has the body of a point guard but is more of a shooting guard and that he's paid too much for what he does (Williams just completed the third season of a five-year, $25 million deal and has two years and $12.31 million left).

"(Williams) is the exact opposite of everything I like in a player - effort, unselfishness, hustle, team play, high basketball IQ, defense, playing within oneself and one's ability," one nonfan wrote.